Why You Should Buy Custom Furniture

Having anything custom made is an investment. It is both a financial and time investment. So, why should you buy custom furniture?

We will be the first to tell you that not every piece of furniture you purchase needs to be custom. (*gasp*) However, when it comes to buying custom furniture you must think of it the same way you do with a custom house or clothing.

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Solid Wood vs Veneer

When it comes to purchasing furniture for your space, you want to make sure you're getting a quality product for the price you're paying. Whether it's a desk, table, dresser, or entertainment center, knowing whether it is made from solid wood or has a veneer is important. Let's go over the differences, advantages, disadvantages, and how to identify both solid wood and veneer furnishings. 

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Five Must-Have Custom Pieces of Furniture for your Home

Most people choose to have a custom piece of furniture built for them because they understand having a quality piece of furniture that will last is a wise investment. It ensures you have a piece of furniture that will fit your space, style, and intended purpose perfectly. By having a custom piece of furniture made with us, you are involved in the creative design process and therefore will end up having a unique piece for your home. 

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